Run in the Kent countryside

July 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Making use of the nice weather again – took the car for a spin up to Ide Hill and back via Crockham Hill and Westerham.

Nice drive along country roads, and several other classic cars out and about as well. It’s really nice seeing old cars out and about and getting a pleasant wave from their drivers.

Might have detected a slight gripping of the near side rear brakes, so I’ll need to have a look next weekend. Need to be ready for the Coolings Classic Car Show in a couple of weeks time.

MG90 @ Silverstone

June 23, 2014 Leave a comment

Another weekend, another outing.

This time Adam and I took the MGB to Silverstone on Sunday 22nd June for MG90 organized by the MG Car Club. This event takes place every year, usually called MG Live, but this year it was renamed MG90 to celebrate 90 years of the MG marque.

This was the first time I’d been to this event and despite the 2 hour plus drive to Silverstone on the M25 and M1, we had a great day out.

There were lots of different MGs on display, including Old Speckled Hen, a 1927 MG Featherlight Saloon. This car was made from fabric stretched over a wooden frame, and was black speckled with gold. The car has recently been restored and was amongst the 90 cars that were shown in a timeline running from a 1924 14/28 Super Sport 4 seat to a 2013 MG3.

Also on display was Old Number One, which was the first purpose-built competition car made by MG.

As well these cars and many more, there was also racing on the GP circuit. We watched a number of races including MG races and the Ferrari Owners Club races. The racing was great and combined with the commentary was really enjoyable.

Other items that made up an enjoyable day included the arena displays of precision driving by Russ Swift – some great examples of expert driving and how to wear out a set of tyre – and mountain bike tricks by Savage Skills. These combined with an air display with some amazing flying filled our day.

All in all we had a really good time and will certainly go back again, however we might stay over night next time to get more out of the event and avoid driving both ways in one day. I’d also want to take part in the circuit tours – taking the MGB out on the F1 Grand Prix circuit. We did manage to get into the pits and the pit lane this time though.

Some of the photos I took on the day are below:

Shiny things!

June 17, 2014 2 comments

Just a quick post to show some shiny parts that I’ve recently received.

Back in October I found that the brake master cylinder was leaking. I decided to send the car to the garage to be fixed due to lack of time on my part. Once they looked more closely they discovered that both master cylinders, brake and clutch, were leaking. I agreed for both to be replaced and have had no problems since.

This does mean however that the car no longer has its original master cylinders and in the case of the brake master this means it now has a plastic reservoir instead of a metal one. Good for seeing the level but it looks a little out-of-place. I did keep the old cylinders that were taken out as I thought I might be able to get them refurbished. And following some searching with Google, that’s what I have done.

Before they were taken out of the car they looked like this:

Original Master Cylinders

Now having been to Past Parts they look like this:

Refurbished Brake Master Cylinder

Refurbished Brake Master Cylinder

Refurbished Clutch Master Cylinder

Refurbished Clutch Master Cylinder

The service provided was quick, not too expensive and to what appears to be a good standard. They have re-sleeved them with stainless sleeves and then they have been plated silver to give the final look. They then complete the job by assembling the cylinders ready for installation. Exactly when that will be I don’t know as it won’t be until the major overhaul takes place. Until then they will sit in storage ready for their moment of glory.


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