MG Era @ Brooklands – 2014

April 6, 2014 2 comments

Today was the annual MG Era Day at Brooklands. The weather didn’t look too promising initially, however it cleared up during the morning and stayed dry all day, expect when traveling to/from Brooklands.

Once there, it was a great day out. I managed to get a place on the cavalcade around the Mercedes-Benz circuit, so just after 1pm we were out on track with 59 other MGs. We did 6 laps around the circuit and managed to get some speed up on the straight. It was really good, although there did tend to be some surging as people left enough of a gap to be able to accelerate onto the main straight.

We had a good look around at the cars, bikes, planes and buses that make up the museum as well. I had a go in Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren F1 car with simulated laps on the old Brooklands track. I managed a lap in 45.6 secs with speeds of up to 218 mph!

All in all a great day out which we all enjoyed. Some photos below.

The MGCC has some photos, and I’ve also found some more on Flickr (Jim Pritchard).

And another weekend run

March 30, 2014 Leave a comment

Yet another lovely weekend and a trip out in the car again. Westerham and back today.

Next weekend is MG Era at Brooklands, hope the weather stays nice. Hope to get on the Mercedes Benz circuit and possibly the Test Hill.

And another pleasant afternoon

March 16, 2014 Leave a comment

So two nice weekends in a row, and another chance for a drive through the Kent countryside with the top down.

Took the car back out again today, and she ran really well.

Out to Westerham and back via Biggin Hill meant some great driving along country lanes, the best type of road for this car.

Hope these nice weekends continue as it’s great to be able to get out.


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